May 10, 2016
The winner of architectural photography competition is Gökçe Naz Soysal. We congratulate our first year student for her success. 
April 06, 2016
CALL FOR ENTRIESSubmission deadline: 18 April 2016Pack your cameras to take photographs of our new architectural studios and snap the chance to get a lomo camera. Your photographs should capture the essence or particular qualities of studio space(s).Jury members:Emrah KöşgeroğluAslıhan GünhanDuygu...
January 04, 2016
Zeynep Kezer, Senior Lecture at Newcastle University Department of Architecture, will give a presentation titled as "MODERN TÜRKİYE'NİN İNŞASI: DEVLET, MEKAN VE İDEOLOJİ" at 17.30 on January 11st Monday at Fatma-Semih Akbil Conference Hall, TEDU.
December 07, 2015
Austrian architect Walter Stelzhammer will give a presentation titled as “NEW FORMS OF DWELLING” at 12.00 on December 15th Tuesday at Fatma-Semih Akbil Conference Hall, TEDU. The event is organized in collaboration with Austrian Embassy Ankara.
November 23, 2015
Prof. Dr. Jale N. Erzen will give a presentation titled as “ÜÇ HALİYLE MESKEN” at 17.30 on November 30th Monday at Fatma-Semih Akbil Conference Hall, TEDU.Prof. Erzen will hold an autograph session for her book "Üç Habitus: Yeryüzü, Kent, Yapı" after presentation.
November 16, 2015
2015-2016 Academic Year Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies ApplicationsApplications to the 2014-2015 Academic Year Erasmus+ Programme Student Mobility for Studies have started. The deadline is 30th November 2015.In order to apply, you must Be a citizen of the Turkish Republic or...
November 03, 2015
To display the 2015-2016 Fall Final exam program click here.
October 23, 2015
Esra Akcan, Assoc. Prof at Cornell University, will give a presentation titled as “AÇIK MİMARLIK VE YURTSUZLUK” at 17.30 on October 30th Friday at Fatma-Semih Akbil Conference Hall, TEDU.
October 06, 2015
A selection of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year architectural studio projects produced in 2015 spring semester at TEDU Department of Architecture will be exhibited at TSMD Architectural Center between 9-28 October, 2015.TSMD Mimarlık Merkezi Eskişehir Yolu 7. Km No:164Kentpark AVM Arka...